The 3 Reasons Why The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death Is One Creepy Specter

Cue the creepy music and visuals then make a right turn to the hallway.

There seems to be a creepy person on the end of the it but what the heck.

The camera continues to go further until you almost get a close-up view of an smiling woman holding a candle.

That’s how I met The Woman In Black for the very first time.

As if one spook isn’t enough, she came back with a second and third movie installment under the Insidious franchise and two movies named after her, the latest of which is The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death.

Last January 20, 2015, a special advance screening of the movie was shown at the Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 4.

The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death Special Advance Screening in Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 4

I was quite excited because it’s been a while since I’ve seen her.

I wasn’t able to see part 1 and I was looking forward to be spooked again.


After more than one hour of sitting with noisy moviegoers, I ended up having an imaginary unibrow.

There were some parts that did not make sense at all.

I didn’t have the appetite to eat dinner because I was trying to make sense of it all, while keeping the imaginary unibrow intact the whole time.

I was trying to understand the story the whole time but I failed.

Even though I found the movie less spooky than the Insidious trilogy, The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death still managed to be a certified creep, especially to women in the cinema who kept on screaming even if the scene wasn’t scary at all.

As to why I gave her a single star out of 5 for creepiness, here are my reasons.

1. She never forgives.

The Woman In Black’s real name is Jennet Humpfrye.

Her terror began when her son, Nathaniel Drablow, had a premature death.

She terrorized her sister, Alice Drablow, for letting the incident happen.

She has been having a killing spree since then and this eventually leads us to the protagonist of the movie, Eve Parkins, who was not spared of the ghost’s animosity because she was forced to give up her baby when she was younger.

Edward, the child protagonist, was also dragged into this story for the mere fact that he is just a kid and The Woman In Black has a lot of issues regarding kids.

In my opinion, Jennet Humpfrye has a difficult time forgiving herself and forgiving others when children die or are taken away from them.


Talk about not moving on at all!

2. She never forgets.

If Jennet Humpfrye cannot forgive, how can she forget?

She undergoes a vicious cycle of taking lives and making it miserable for the protagonists.

The Woman In Black really has a problem of letting go of past experiences, doesn’t she?

3. She never left.

Showcasing her terror in Crythin Gifford and Eel Marsh House wasn’t enough.

She follows Eve Parkins and Edward to London and shatters a photo frame containing the picture of Harry Burnstow, Eve’s love interest in the movie, and his comrades.

Have you seen the movie yet?

What can you say about it?

Apparently, The Woman In Black has become an Angel Of Death.

From the looks of it, we’re in for a trilogy guys.

And you know what?

In case they’ll make another one, I’ll watch the third installment.

I’m excited to see if the trilogy as a whole failed to give me goosebumps or not.

My last say?

The title of the movie shouldn’t have been The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death.


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