The 3 Pros of Subscribing to Globe Telecom’s Newest myLifestyle Plan

We all want the best mobile plans that is perfect for our lifestyle, don’t we?

With this in mind, Globe Telecom has something new in store for us all.

Good news for postpaid subscribers!

Globe Telecom myLifestyle Plan starts at Php 499!

So what are the goodies that you will get from this kind of postpaid plan?


1. Globe Telecom’s Newest myLifestyle Plan is easy and simplified.

The newest offer comes with built-in features and freebies:

  • unlimited call and texts to Globe and TM subscribers
  • Navigation Bundle (includes monthly access to Waze, Accuweather, MMDA, Google Maps, and Grab Taxi)
  • 1 GB Globe Cloud where you can store your photos and files
  • Gadget Care  which gives subscribersprotection against accidental damage and theft.


2. Globe Telecom’s Newest myLifestyle Plan includes add-on services.


2.1 Surf Packs

These add-ons will go on top of the base offer of Php 499.

You can avail their mobile internet services or Surf Packs which includes exclusive access to NBA Leage Pass and/or Spotify.

  • GoSURF99 – 100 MB mobile internet
  • GoSURF2499 – 15 GB mobile internet

You can choose a surf pack between 100 MB to 15 GB.

Remember, Globe’s postpaid plans can be customized to your needs and liking.


2. 2 Lifestyle Packs

This is great for those who want a more rich data experience.

You can choose from any of the following:

Music – Spotify

Productivity – Evernote, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Globe Cloud


  • Navigation Bundle
  • Explore Bundle – with access to Globe Cloud, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Agoda
  • Shopping Bundle – with access to Zalora, OLX, eBay, AyosDito, and Amazon


  • Chat Bundle – with access to WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, and Viber
  • Photo Bundle – with access to Photo Repost, Photo Grid, Instasize, and Instagram
  • ChatApp – with access to Facebook Messenger and Viber
  • Standalone access to Twitter and Facebook


2.3 Classic Packs

The classics are here to stay!

You can grab extra calls and text to other networks, including international services and landline!


3. Globe Telecom’s Newest myLifestyle Plan is all about your personalized services and convenience.

“Globe has always been a frontrunner when it comes to innovation and customer experience. This year, we are changing the mobile postpaid landscape in the country by introducing a new postpaid plan that is set to become an invaluable life tool to allow our customers to enjoy a world of digital content that is built the way they live now,” shared Erli Valdez (Vice President of Globe Postpaid Business).

“We recognize the digital lifestyle of Cebuanos who are now using their phone to access music, social networks, games, photos and videos, among others. This is the inspiration behind the new myLifestyle Plan, which gives customers unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM, so they no longer have to think about how many calls and texts they need, but rather focus on what digital lifestyle they want to pursue with their mobile connectivity with our wide range of surf and lifestyle packs. The more packs added to the base plan, the better the handset. With Globe, you get a complete postpaid plan experience that caters to your digital lifestyle with the new myLifestyle Plan,” concludes Valdez.

Angeline Po So (Head of Globe Postpaid Usage) and Michelle Ora (Sales Head for Priority Accounts of Globe MyBusiness)

According to Miss Angeline Po So, Head of Globe Postpaid Usage, the new postpaid plans were made to give Globe subscribers value for money.


How do you find Globe’s latest offer?

If you’re gonna give it a go, how are you going to customize your postpaid plan?

If you wanna know more about the new Globe myLifestyle Plan, check out Globe’s website.

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