Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans 2015

4 Reasons Why Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans Could Be The Best Bundle For Your Business

If you are a small business owner, you’d want to have all the help you can get, right?

You’d have to keep up with the demand of the public and stay competitive.

With the rise of the small and medium enterprise industry and Asean Integration in mind, Globe Telecom has taken into consideration to serve entrepreneurs and help them steer to success.

Globe myBusiness has updated their portfolio and it includes customizable, affordable, and flexible plans.

What are the pros of using Globe myBusiness?

I have made a list just for you.

1. Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans include a free DUO landline.

You have a landline phone and a cellphone.

By the time you’re out of the office, you cannot receive calls on your landline.

Isn’t that such a hassle?

To address this problem, Globe offers a DUO landline which enables business owners to get unlimited calls to both local landlines and DUO subscribers all over the country.

It’s a mobile and landline phone in one!

2. Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans include a free 30-day webpage trial.

As of 2014, the Philippines has 37 million internet users.

Business owners like you should be aware of this fact.

Stay competitive by opening a well-planned and working website.

With Globe’s free 30-day webpage trial, you get to test the waters and spread your brand across the internet.

3. Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans are consumable.

You already know that their postpaid plans are flexible.

You can customize your Plan 299 or go as high as Plan 3799.

The consumables are at least 50% more than the monthly fee.

Consumables may include gadgets, mobile internet, SMS, and calls

They can be used to boost your sales and productivity.

4. Globe myBusiness Postpaid Plans have a wide array of devices.

You can choose Lenovo A536, Lenovo Idea Tab A3300, Acer Aspire E11 laptop, Acer Iconia One 7 tablet, Acer Liquid Z4 smartphone, and a whole lot more!

Angeline Po So (Head of Globe Postpaid Usage) and Michelle Ora (Sales Head for Priority Accounts of Globe MyBusiness)

According to Michelle Ora (left), Sales Head for Priority Accounts of Globe MyBusiness, the Globe myBusiness plans are intended to maximize the profits of SMEs.

“Globe myBusiness has always considered Cebu as one of its strongest markets on the back of the thriving SME community in the province. We understand that there is need for better and more reliable communication solutions to equip businesses as the demand for connectivity grows today. We continue to be every Cebuano entrepreneur’s trusted partner by helping get communication concerns out of the way to better focus on more relevant things to grow their business,” enthused Martha Sazon, Senior Vice President of Globe Small and Medium Enterprise Group.

What can you say about Globe Telecom’s new myBusiness Postpaid Plans?

How advantageous would it be for your business?

To apply for a postpaid plan, you can visit any Globe Store nearest you.

You can also check out their website or call the following numbers:

  • Metro Manila and Luzon: (02) 730-1010
  • Visayas: (032) 401-1010
  • Mindanao: (082) 321-1010

To grab more info about Globe myBusiness, you can send them an email at or check out their social media accounts:

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