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10 Reasons Why I Couldn’t Get Bantayan Island Off My Mind

It was already 12 AM and I was still working.

I was already wondering if I can make it or not.

I haven’t packed my bags and haven’t got a minute of sleep then the clock struck 3.

So I decided to drop off my pending tasks and packed my stuff in a jiffy.

I figured out that Bantayan Island would be worth it even if I don’t get to sleep and indeed, it was!


The first time I went there, the entire experience was a difficult one.

I joined Lumad Sugbo in distributing relief goods a few weeks afters Typhoon Haiyan hit the country.

I traveled from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port in 6 and a half hours (usual travel time is 2-3 hours).

Booking a ship ticket was difficult.

Seeing the conditions of the locals and the island was very sad.

It’s as if I was watching a black and white movie (the disaster sucked all the vibrant colors).

The most difficult part was going home.

The Bantayan Port was just filled with trucks and people all wanting to go home ASAP.

It was rowdy.

Some people started to raise their voices and quarrel the ticketing staff.

Eventually, we got through hell and rode a bus on our way back home.

More than a year later, I went back with my blogger friends, media personnel, and staff from Philippine Information Agency (Cebu).

I was given a chance to check on how the locals are doing after the storm.


Apparently, the entire island is virtually doing well although rehabilitation is still ongoing.

Knowing that they are back on track and on their way to full recovery, I had the chance to explore the island and experience it as it should be.

Every island in the Philippines has something to offer but what makes Bantayan Island different?

It’s because of these 10 things!

1. The cool blue waters of Bantayan Island


If to see is to believe, this will make you believe!

2. The fine white sand of Bantayan Island


3. The fresh seafood that Bantayan Island can offer

boodle fight

Bantayan is surrounded by water so naturally, fresh seafood is abundant.

You know what?

I even had barracuda for lunch!

No kidding!


4. The warm hospitality of the Bantayan Island locals


The locals are very friendly.

They make sure that your trip is comfortable and enjoyable.


5. The long joy rides in Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island street and house

I love joy rides and zero traffic!

Going from point A to point B is just a breeze.


6. The chill island vibe of Bantayan Island


If there’s sand beneath your feet, cool breeze on your sun-kissed skin, and seawater on your hair, you can’t help but succumb to the call or R&R!


7. The amazing Bantayan Island public market 

Bantayan Island Public Market

dried fish or buwad in Bantayan Island Public Market

If you’re a fan of dried fish (locally known as buwad), you’re gonna love their public market.

It’s cheaper compared to Taboan Public Market.

Aside from that, the market doesn’t smell awful.


8. Bantayan Island’s rich history

The name of the island was taken from the watchtowers that were built as lookout for incoming pirate raids from the south.

They were called “Bantayan sa Hari” or “Watchtowers of the King.”

That’s an awesome piece of history, right?


9. Bantayan Island’s interesting local accent

The locals of Bantayan Island

The locals speak the Visayan dialect but their accent sounds like a mix of Hiligaynon and Waray.


10. The Bantayan Island sunset


Six words.

It can take your breath away!

The island is simply fantastic, isn’t it?

Have you been there before?

If yes, how was your experience?

If you’re still planning to go there, what activities do you have in mind?

Our Bantayan Trip was made possible with the help of PIA Cebu and Bantayan local government unit.

PIA Cebu is the provincial information center of Philippine Information Agency.

You can contact them through:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Contact number: 2324062
  • Email:

For more information about the Municipality of Bantayan, you can contact them through:

For more information about the Municipality of Madridejos, you can contact them through:

  • Facebook
  • Contact number: +639218498192
  • Email:

What are you waiting for?

Start packing those bags and have a good time!