Song Hits BTC Turns 3: The 3 Exciting Things They Have In Store For Us

There’s no denying that Filipinos love to sing.

The presence of videokes all around the Philippines is enough for proof that.

Don’t forget the amateur singing contests and talent contests we see on TV too.

So if you wanna be in the mecca of karaoke universe, you’ve got to live in the Philippines!

Speaking of karaoke, I’ve got good news to Cebuanos and karaoke lovers alike!

Last January 14, Song Hits BTC branch celebrated its 3rd anniversary and they would like you to join their celebration!



They want YOU to have fun!

Just in time for Sinulog 2015, Song Hits BTC has prepared 3 awesome things for us!

Wanna know what these are?


1. Sinulog Promo

Beginning on January 14 – 20, win a FREE pitcher of drink just by taking a photo with you and your family or friends.

Post the photo on Facebook and add the caption “#Sinulog2015 @SongHits BTC!

Then show your post to any Song Hits BTC staff and you’ll receive a a pitcher of drink of your choice!

Selfie na!


2. Anniversary Promo

Beginning on January 18 – 31, Song Hits BTC is giving away 5 hours of FREE karaoke and 5 give certificates that are worth Php 300!

How to win these?

Visit Song Hits BTC from Monday to Friday (within January 18 – 31) and take a photo of you with the song you have dedicated for them.

Include the caption “This is for you #SongHitsBTC! Happy 3rd Anniversary @SongHits BTC!

One lucky winner will be chosen every day so make sure that after you’re karaoke bonding is done, show your post to the staff.


3. Acoustic Nights

Outdoor acoustic entertainment will be provided starting February.

This will give you a better time to chill and relax over food and drinks.

Aside from the 3 awesome things, Song Hits BTC has more good news!

They are better than ever before!

They have renovated their rooms!

They have added more song selections!

In fact, they update the song list every month.

If you want to dance the night away, you can always groove to the beats of the Dance Central!


What can you say about the new and improved Song Hits BTC?

Awesome, isn’t it?

For room reservations and inquiries, you can contact them through:

Kantahan na!



22 thoughts on “Song Hits BTC Turns 3: The 3 Exciting Things They Have In Store For Us

  1. Very cool! I’m not super familiar with Filipino culture, but I’m fascinated by it.


    • The Filipino culture is very diverse Cailin. Perhaps due to the fact that we are separated by 7,107 islands. One island’s culture is different from the other, even the dialect. But we have something in common though. It’s our love for food, fun, and singing! ^_^


  2. cool, never been there..but I have a business trip to Cebu this weekend, I might as well drop by if my time allows:)


  3. I have been meaning to visit Cebu city eversince. Hopefully I can stroll around the city soon! Will include this one on my to-visit place.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I shall visit this when we go to Cebu this summer!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These looks like a perfect family or barkada hangout where they can share a night of music and singing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Looks like a cool place to hang out when in Cebu!


  7. Karaoke has been my favorite hobby. WIll definitely visit this place soon!


  8. It’s nice of them to do something like this. In every Filipino party, karaoke is never missing.


  9. I’ve been in Songhits at Dumaguete but I’ve never tried at Cebu.


  10. I LOVE to sing super much!!!!! These looks really fun.


  11. that is something we are known for. it’s good that we live in the Philippines not unlike to other country that has a ban.


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