KFC Crispy Fire Chicken #SoGoodItHurts

KFC Crispy Fire Chicken: 3 Reasons Why It Has Left An Imprint On My Palate Forever

Not all fried chicken are created equal.

Do you agree?

Some are crispy.

Some are not.

Some are juicy.

Some are just crap.

Although I don’t frequently eat fastfood, I do enjoy moments when I savor a sumptuous fried chicken.

By the way, did you pray that a new and delicious spicy concoction of fried chicken would be invented?

I think you’re prayer has been answered!


All the way from fried chicken heaven comes KFC Crispy Fire Chicken!

I had the chance to taste it for the very first time and honestly, I love it so much that its taste is stuck on my mind!

As to why it has left an imprint on my mind, I can only give you 3 reasons.


1. KFC Crispy Fire Chicken is filled with the goodness of Tabasco!


I’m not kidding!

If you’re a big fan of fried chicken and the spicy hot goodness of Tabasco, KFC Crispy Fire Chicken will surely tickle your taste buds!

Personally, I find the level of spiciness to be perfect!

It’s not super duper spicy but not super mild spicy either.

You have to try it out for yourself!


2. KFC Crispy Fire Chicken is spicy inside and out.

What makes the fried chicken spicy is Tabasco.

You can taste it from the chicken skin down to the juicy and tender meat.

On my first bite, my reaction was “Wow! It really tastes like Tabasco!”


3. KFC Crispy Fire Chicken is perfect with chicken rice and coleslaw.

It is an unusual fried chicken (in a good way) so it deserves a not so usual companion, the chicken rice.

The chicken rice reminds me of the rice we eat for tapsilog.

It has a mild flavor on its own and it tastes great with the Crispy Fire Chicken.

Just in case the spiciness of the fried chicken has caught up with you, grab some coleslaw!


During the launching of KFC Crispy Fire Chicken in Cebu, Cebuanos were serenaded by the amazing Elmer Jun Hilario and were treated to a huge discount!

#SoGoodItHurts indeed!


What do you think about mixing pepper sauce and the all-time-favorite fried chicken?

So far, it is my favorite fried chicken in KFC.

Have you already tried KFC Crispy Fire Chicken?

If not, when are you planning to grab a bite?

It is available in 1-piece combo, 2 piece combo, Fully Loaded and Bucket Meals at any KFC branch near you but only for a limited time (3 months) so grab it while it’s still here!

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