Happy 7th Birthday Cebu Bloggers Society!

There was one point in my life when I was very frustrated, career-wise.

So I decided to resign from my job as a staff nurse in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

I learned a lot during my stay, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!!!

But staying there felt like I was going nowhere.

So I was more than happy when I finally completed my clearance.

“I’m outta here, at last,” I told myself.

After I resigned, I became a couch potato and I was hoping to fill the void I had in my life back then.

That’s how I went into blogging.

I opened an account in Blogspot and made my very first blog, La Buena Vida.

Thanks to Chyrel Gomez, I came across with a group called Cebu Bloggers Society.

I was looking for someone or something to help me improve my blogging skills, and seeing the name of the group was an answered prayer!

No kidding!

It’s been more than 2 years since I became a member of Cebu Bloggers Society.

Was it worth it?

Oh yeah!

I improved a lot when it comes to writing.

I learned a bit about SEO.

I learned that SEO needs a lot of patience.

But most of all, the greatest stuff I gained from joining the group was meeting new friends!


I consider friendship a treasure, an intangible one!

Looks like I have met new treasures for the past few years, eh?

And in celebration of Cebu Bloggers Society’s 7th anniversary, there will be a partaaay on February 15, 2015!

Boy oh boy was I glad to know that our venue sponsor is none other than Cebu City Marriot Hotel!

I love their Garden Cafe.

Their breakfast buffet is fantastic!

So what does the future hold for Cebu Bloggers Society?

We will never know for sure but the officers and members will always make sure that the group will stay stronger, better, and bolder!

Happy birthday Cebu Bloggers Society!!!


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