Frozen Exotic Durian

Experience Death by Durian at the Frozen Snack Bar


I am not kidding.

If you happen to drop by Frozen Snack Bar, Cebu’s newest snack bar, might as well try experiencing death!

Frozen Snack Bar

Once you enter, you will never be the same person again!

Not the literal one though! (laughs)

On a serious note, I wasn’t kidding when I told you that Frozen Snack Bar is a must-visit place.

It’s no ordinary place folks.

Frozen Snack Bar

I felt like I was in Norway with Princess Elsa and Anna.

Here’s what you should try first at the Frozen Snack Bar

Frozen Snack Bar is the brainchild of four awesome moms; Joann, Angel, Lea and Malou.

After countless episodes of MOMCONs, their personal word for eating out, they thought of showcasing the halo-halo to make their business ideas stand out from other food ventures.

As for the rest of the story, you can read it here.

They do have parfaits, halo-halos, splits and sundaes but the crown jewel of Frozen Snack Bar is their Frozen Exotic Durian!

Frozen Exotic Durian

When I took a bite, I just died! The aroma of fresh durian meat and the act of satisfying my palate was just overwhelming, in a good way.

I am not a die-hard durian fanatic but I definitely know how durian meat should be served… FRESH!!!

They say that durian “smells like hell but tastes like heaven.

I couldn’t agree more!

It’s hard to to eat durian in Cebu because it does not come cheap and the fruits usually end up not to my par of excellence when it comes to freshness.

Thankfully, Frozen Snack Bar only uses the freshest durian meat from Davao, which they ship to Cebu every other day.

Frozen Durian Delight is not the only thing you should try out here.

Bring your entire family or barkada and share a Halohalo Supreme Whopper!

Halohalo Supreme Whopper

It’s a delicious marriage of perfectly shaved ice, ube sticks, sweetened langka, corn flakes, sweetened plantains, sweet beans, jellos and leche flan topped with generous servings of ube ice cream and chocolate wafer sticks.

I can’t help but crave for this sweet treat every time I see the photo!

If you’re a sweet tooth just like me, you probably enjoy eating cakes every now and then.

When I got to taste the Vanilla Fudge ice cream cake that they had to offer, I almost died too!

Vanilla Fudge Ice Cream

It’s not just ice cream alone.

It is also layered with yummy chocolate mud cake, chocolate fudge, chocolate chips.

Best of all, it is topped with a thick frosting of whipped cream, cocoa powder and chocolate syrup!

It is impossible not to experience mouth-watering spells after having a bite!

Frozen Snack Bar Snack Options

Frozen Snack Bar is not all about sweets.

They also have a variety of snacks available.

Burger and Chips

The patty is not overcooked and juicy!

Crispy Fried Chicken

The chicken meat is tender while the crust is super crispy! I love it!

Do you know the best part of their servings?

It’s good for two people!


One order of something can be shared by two people.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Meaty Spaghetti

I just love the taste of their spaghetti! I had the entire serving for myself! Hindi ako masyadong gutom that day, in fairness! Hahaha!

I am pretty sure you are already craving for goodness that only Frozen Snack Bar can offer.

Here’s a menu you can check out.

Frozen Snack Bar Menu

Frozen Snack Bar menuFrozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menuFrozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menu Frozen Snack Bar menu

Check out their cool interior design too!

Frozen Snack Bar interior design Frozen Snack Bar interior design

So, what does Sugbo Sentro think of Frozen Snack Bar?

RATING (1-5 with 1 as the possible lowest rate and 5 as the possible highest rate)

  • Food – 4 (If Tom Cruise said “You had me at hello,” Frozen Snack Bar had me at Frozen Durian Delight and Meaty Spaghetti. Since Frozen is a snack bar, menu is not as extensive as those with other restaurants.)
  • Furniture – 3 (Simplicity is beauty.)
  • Interior Design – 4 (simple lines, white walls decorated with accents of blue, ethereal snow flakes on the glass panes)
  • Accessibility – 3 (Only taxis and private vehicles pass by the area but it is only a few meters away from the jeepney stop in General Maxilom Avenue or Osmena Boulevard.)
  • Parking – 4 (Century Plaza Hotel complex has a lot of parking space.)
  • Cleanliness – 4 (The overall cleanliness is evident inside as well as outside.)
  • Comfort – 4 (The place is not crowded and noisy. Their furniture allows comfortable dining and lounging.))
  • Customer Service – 4 (The staff and owners are awesome! They are very friendly and accommodating.)
  • Music – 4 (Pop songs can be heard on a tolerable volume.)
  • Comfort Room – 4 (It is very clean!)

Frozen Snack Bar has garnered an average rate of 3.8!!!


Visit Frozen Snack Bar now!

  • Address: Unit 41 Century Plaza Hotel Complex, Juana Osmena Street, Cebu City.
  • Contact number: 0943-613-5919

Make sure to follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates.

*Menu photos courtesy of Frozen Snack Bar.