7 Reasons Why #AndaleAnda Is Much Better Than Boracay

Bohol is my second home.

I go there more than 5x a year on special occasions or whenever I want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life in Cebu.

I have heard so many things about Anda from my aunts and cousins for about 2 years already.

I didn’t have the sense of urgency to check it out then because just like Cebu, I consider Bohol as my home, and you tend to ignore something that’s just “in your backyard.”

I actually planned to have a day trip to Anda by my own back in July 2014 but being the night owl that I am, waking up early in the morning is such a daunting task.

I ended up just drinking iced coffee in Tagbilaran City on the day when I planned to go to Anda.

Thankfully, I was given the chance to go to Anda a few months after and this time, I woke up early because I did not get any sleep (I was finishing some work).

You might be wondering why I have the nuts to say that Anda, Bohol is better than Boracay.

I have been to both places and I compared them.

It doesn’t get as simple as that.

As to why I consider Anda better than Boracay, here are my 7 reasons.

#AndaleAnda Anda Bohol Philippines

1. The beach in #AndaleAnda has white sand too!

If you are a sucker for white sandy beaches, then look no further!

Smooth white grains of sand? Check!

A considerable stretch of white sand? Check!

Breath-taking views? Check!

No wonder Anda is now called the summer capital of Bohol!







2. No sight of over-commercialization can be seen in #AndaleAnda.


This is my favorite part!

There are no international hotels or resorts in Anda, as of now, and I like it that way.

I don’t want commercialization to destroy the beauty of Mother Nature.

It’s beautiful just the way it is right now.

I just hope that the local government unit and tourism department will work together to keep the serenity and tranquility of the place.

It would be very sad if Anda will suffer the same fate of Boracay.







3. You can still search for something to eat at the shores of #AndaleAnda.

Try doing that in Boracay!

You will find nothing but sand and rocks.

Just in case you have limited financial resources and you are so hungry, just wake up early in the morning and hope that it’s a low tide.

Just look around for sea critters that are edible and viola!

Your breakfast is solved!



4. There are no annoying peddlers in #AndaleAnda.


There are no annoying peddlers selling you waterproof cases for your phone, selfie sticks, sunglasses and adventure packages.

By the time you get to Anda, you will immediately enjoy the view of the beach.


5. You can enjoy living like a local by living “with a local” at #AndaleAnda.

Oh yeah!

What better way to know a place is to live with the locals.

You can rent rooms from houses that are just literally a few meters away from the shore.

How cool is that?


6. Everything is way cheaper in #AndaleAnda!

For as low as Php 500 (more or less), you can already book a room in a resort.

If you want a cheaper accommodation, just bring a tent and sleep near the shore!

It doesn’t get better than that!

If you want cheap food, you can search for sea critters during low tide or you can go to the market and buy fresh produce!

There are no fast food chains nor overpriced buffets.

That is a big YEHEY for me!






7. The people of #AndaleAnda are very friendly!

Boholanos are very friendly.

Why would they even name Tagbilaran City as the City of Friendship in the first place?

The friendship and hospitality does not end in Tagbilaran City.

It’s actually spread across the island!

It’s evident in their smiles and the way they help us travel around.



Do you agree with my list?

Share your thoughts on the comment section and let’s start a conversation.

For more information about Anda, you can contact the following:

Office of the Governor (Bohol Tourism Office)

  • Address: CPG North Avenue, Tagbilaran City
  • Contact Person: Ms. Jo Cabarrus
  • Number: +6338-412-3666
  • Number: +6338-501-9186
  • Email: boholtourismoffice@yahoo.com
  • Website: http://www.tourism.bohol.gov.ph

Office of the Mayor (Anda Tourism Office)

  • Address: Poblacion, Anda, Bohol
  • Contact Person: Jun Orias Ayag
  • Number: 0925-300-4881
  • Email: lgu@andabohol.gov.ph or tourism@andabohol.gov.ph
  • Website: http://www.andabohol.gov.ph

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18 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why #AndaleAnda Is Much Better Than Boracay

  1. Ohhhh, agree!!! I haven’t been to Bora but I dig non-commercialized beaches. Much more if it’s less expensive. Wonderful photo of sunrise! I can see why you love it there. Hope to visit soon. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Channel! I am pinning this to my bucket list board! My husband and I are planning to go to Bohol this summer with the kids and will definitely try to visit Anda! Thanks for this!


  3. Boracay is overrated, there’s a lot of other beaches in the Philippines that are way better and you just found 1


  4. Wow! I think I have a new summer destination to suggest to friends now. Yay! I love that sunrise photo. It looks magical.


  5. Wow! I haven’t been to both places yet but I already think that I like Bohol better. Hehe Aahhh I wish I could visit there come Summer.


  6. I have been to Boracay but honestly I did not enjoy the beach because of so much distraction. This is the place to go if you want to commune with nature. Good to know about Anda. 🙂


  7. Wow! This place is amazing! Gotta visit here!


  8. It looks stunning!! It is so true that we tend to ignore what is right in front of us. I plan on exploring my hometown more this summer.


  9. Wow, what a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your pics and experience with us. Love those white sandy beaches!


  10. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures! It’s so gorgeous, I wish we had a beach near where I live!


  11. I have never been to either. Andaleanda looks gorgeous and clean. I need a vacation.


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