How The Guardian Blade Saga Got Its Awesome Special Effects

Earth is apparently about to experience an era of darkness but thankfully, a commando team is tasked to prevent this from happening.

There’s one catch though.

The future of mankind rests on one man who can control a weapon of great power.

What will the future hold for us?

That is for you to find out every Saturday morning (11 AM – 11:30 AM) on TV5.

The story sounds exciting, isn’t it?

I am talking about the newest Visayan teleserye, Guardian Blade Saga.

Guardian Blade Saga

Guardian Blade Saga

Yes folks!

It’s a sci-fi TV series in Bisaya!

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And what is a sci-fi movie without special effects?

This is where “the” man comes in.

The Magic Of Guardian Blade Saga Begins

The man behind the special effects and the commercials of the TV show is Richard Benjamin Cañete.

I consider him a Jack-Of-All-Trades.


He’s a proprietor, director, cinematographer and editor?

Savvy, right?

Well, I can’t show you “savvy” if I don’t let you take a peek of some Guardian Blade Saga videos he’s made, right?

Here are some of them.

Awesome, aren’t they?

How The Guardian Blade Saga Special Effects Came To Be

The Guardian Blade Saga special effects is a product of many years of life experience and learning.

Mr. Cañete started his passion for creativity when he was still a kid and around 1900, he stumbled upon the world of video and editing.

The video editing software we know today were still not available in those days but he continued doing what he loved to do.

It was not easy but he continued learning video editing and adding special effects.

Then he got into high school and college and learned many things.

He decided not to finish college and thankfully, his family supported his decision.

Personally, I think this was the best decision he has ever made.

After deciding that he wanted to become his own boss and pursue his passion, he started making websites for local and foreign clients.

Then just this year, February 16 to be exact, he was able to open a studio with the help of his family.

That’s how BenFX was born.

He named his studio after his father.

It’s a loving testament of his gratitude for the father who has nurtured him since he was young.

Michael Flores, the show’s producer and his cousin, happens to know that he is the right person to give Guardian Blade life and by life, I mean special effects.

That’s how it all began!

His loving father and his passion for doing the things he love can be seen in all his works.

He personally admits that he is a perfectionist, that he is very keen on attention to detail, and that he wants all his works to be a labor of love.

That is a work ethic from which we can all learn from, don’t we?

Visayan teleserye has indeed come a long way.

If you can still remember Goat Da Wanderpol and compare it with the technology available for TV shows nowadays, I think you know what I mean.

By the way, I was a big fan of the goat who crapped gold.

No kidding.

Everytime school’s done, I run as fast as I can so that I can catch up with a little bit of the show or just the outro.

I was a kid and the idea of having a bucket full of gold is very catchy for me.



Oh, by the way, I feel generous today so I’ll show you Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Guardian Blade Saga!

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

Before I end my blog, let me tell you what I learned from Richard Benjamin Cañete.

“Ride with the trend and whatever you do, always raise the bar so that you’ll end up to be the best.”

That’s quite something to ponder on.


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