Facts About The Guardian Blade Actors That You Haven’t Discovered Yet

Princess, a beautiful girl, was captured by an evil villain named Alpha.

It’s up to handsome protagonist Lando to save the day and ultimately save Princess, the girl who has captured his heart.

Alpha sends his minions to crush the hero but to no avail.

The villain was finally defeated.

Princess was filled with overwhelming happiness and asked what Lando wanted in return for his bravery.

Feeling the kilig in all his bones, Lando asked for a kiss.

As they were about to enjoy a kiss, Lando woke up to reality, a far cry from the world he has imagined and dreamed of.

What a nice story, isn’t it?

It’s full of wonder and imagination.

That was how the first episode of Guardian Blade went and after 6 episodes, their ratings went beyond satisfactory.

I couldn’t agree more with the ratings because I was actually enjoying the first episode.

Upon seeing the teleserye (TV series), I can say that we have come a long way since the very first teleseryes aired on TV.

From a goat who crapped gold coins to good-looking guys and gals with super powers, there’s no stopping on what Visayan teleserye could be in the future.

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Much to my delight, I was able to meet some of the actors from the Guardian Blade TV series.

At first glance, I could see that they were perky and teeming with life.

I could finally see them beneath their characters and costumes.

I started to ask questions.

Here comes your most awaited part!

What You Don’t Know About The Guardian Blade Actors

First we have a guy with towering stature of 6’1″.

If placed side by side, I would look up to him like he was a skyscraper and I would look like a kid from kindergarten. (LOL)

We all know him as Enteng in the TV series but his real name is Daniel Paschner.

Contrary to his teleserye role, he is actually a gentle giant in real life.

The 24-year old admits that he is the jester in the group and his friends told me he is very bugal-bugalon.

“Mag-joke2x ko especially if tan-aw nako serious na kaayo akong mga kauban sa shooting.”

A self-proclaimed couch potato, Daniel works part-time with his Aunt as a carpool driver as well as occasionally tinker with automobile.

Surprisingly, he enjoys watching tear-jerker movies like Hachiko and A Walk To Remember.

He lives by the maxim “Learn from yesterday. Tomorrow is another day.”

Boboi Colina is known by his character in Guardian Blade as Tonton.

He completes the contrabida trio lead by Alpha, the evil villain mentioned in the earlier part of this blog.

Just like Daniel, Boboi is way different from his teleserye character.

“Lahi mig og batasan ni Tonton.”

He managed to become comfortable with his role through a series of workshop which all the actors participated.

How did he manage to get the role of Tonton?

Apparently, he and his brother AJ went on a vacation with his iyaan in Cebu, joined the audition, and won the role.

“Nanimpad mi diri sa Cebu og nalingaw ra pud tungod sa new experience.” 

He and his brother hails from Davao.

As for homesickness, he admits that he is handling it quite well because AJ is with him.

He has been living in Cebu for many months now and he has one word to describe us Cebuanos.

“Matinabangon ang mga Cebuanos.”

Oh, that is such a sweet compliment, don’t you think?

Captain Tamara of Guardian Blade Saga

Captain Tamara of Guardian Blade Saga

Next we have this beautiful girl with long flowing black hair.

Dannika Anne Ocampo plays the role of Captain Tamara.

She is 18 years old and is currently taking up physical therapy in Cebu Doctors University.

Her role found its way to her when they bought a car from Sir Michael Flores’ shop.

Just like all the actors in the teleserye, she underwent a screening process, introduced herself, read a monologue, and ended up as one of the main characters.

“Kulba kaayo pag audition pero push lang ng push.”

According to Dannika, she treats her artista role as a regular job so that she’ll stay grounded and humble.

She is happy juggling school and career because her family is very supportive of her.

In fact, her family enjoys watching the show on TV.

Well, I can say that is one big happy Guardian Blade fanatic family!

Cast of Guardian Blade Saga

AJ is right there in the middle.

Now we have Allan Colina, or AJ, Boboi’s younger brother.

How did he end up with Guardian Blade?

He found out about the audition on Facebook then decided to give it a try.

He temporarily gave up his culinary studies and managing their family business to pursue a role in Guardian Blade, but it was worth it I can say.

Thankfully, their parents are supportive of his decision.

They started shooting the series during summer of this year.

Playing the role was a challenge to AJ.

“Naglisod ko sa akong character pero naka-relate ra ko kadugayan tungod kay nag-workshop man mi.”

He admits that he misses his family in Davao but is happy with the fact that his kuya is with him in Cebu.

AJ said that his role is a blessing and he is open with the idea of taking up his artista career to the next level.

Personally, I wish him the best because he has a lot of potential.

Guardian Blade Saga

In this photo, Rochelle is the only rose. [photo: Guardian Blade Saga]

Finally, we have the super cute Rochelle Agbay.

She is currently taking up animation in University of Cebu – Banilad Campus.

Her passion for animation only came to her when her older brother, who was an animator, passed away.

Thankfully, she has a lot of free time to join the teleserye shooting because she is already in 2nd year college.

She has been a cosplayer since 2009.

Aside from playing a role in the teleserye, she is also the assistant director.

Did you know that Rochelle’s boyfriend is Siegfred Alkuino?

Yes, the show’s director is her boyfriend! (ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

She told us that their relationship blossomed after the summer shooting.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with her anyway?

I think that she is very beautiful, with or without makeup.

She is perfect for her Lunah role.

It’s like she’s a real life anime, no kidding!

AJ Colina, Dannika Anne Ocampo, Daniel Paschner, Rochelle Agbay, and Boboi Colina of Guardian Blade Saga

L-R: AJ Colina, Dannika Anne Ocampo, Daniel Paschner, Rochelle Agbay, and Boboi Colina

I Bet You Didn’t Know Those Facts About The Guardian Blade Actors, Right?

It was fun knowing their personal tidbits.

Their personalities are as colorful as their characters on TV.

Keep on supporting local talent and local shows.

Stay tuned to Guardian Blade every Saturday 11 AM – 11:30 AM on TV5.

I enjoyed watching the series on Youtube and I am sure you’ll enjoy it too!


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