3 Reasons Why You Should Support The First Album Of The Order Of The Carmelites: “Faith: Like & Share”

Every time I hear the word Carmelites, a few things come to mind.


St. Therese of Lisieux.

St. Teresa of Avila.

Why eggs?

When I was still reviewing for the nursing licensure exam, majority of my wave-mates participated in the Visita Iglesia.

One of the churches we visited was the Carmelite Monastery.

I heard from my mum, friends, and teachers that if I had a wish, all I had to do was visit the monastery, pray very hard, write my wish on a piece of paper, and leave some chicken eggs for the nuns.

As for St. Therese and St. Teresa, I don’t need to explain much.

We all know that St. Teresa founded the order and that St. Therese is one of their famous nuns.

These two Catholic saints are known to be the pillars of Carmelite missionaries, the advocacy of which they are most known for.

In the spirit of giving aid to our brothers and sisters who are in dire need, the Philippine Province of the Order of Carmelites or OCarm and the Carmelite Mission Office decided to create their very first album entitled “Faith: Like & Share.”

Faith: Like & Share album cover

Faith: Like & Share album cover

With the cooperation of SVD Logos Publication, their dream became a reality.

Now that the album will be made available to the public very soon, why should you support it?

I got 3 reasons for you.

1. Faith: Like & Share encourages new artists to join the new wave of evangelization.

John Caldeliña singing "I Need You"

John Caldeliña singing “I Need You”

Rocky Rosabal singing "Touch My Heart"

Rocky Rosabal singing “Touch My Heart”

Fr. Gilbert S. Billena, John Caldeliña, and Rocky Rosabal singing for Faith: Like & Share Album Launch

L-R: Fr. Gilbert S. Billena, John Caldeliña, and Rocky Rosabal

A lot of young people love to hear mellow love songs so the producers took this fact into consideration.

“We hope to popularize spiritual music wedded to the gospel message of faith, love, and compassion through the songs in this album,” enthused Fr. Gilbert Billena of OCarm.

“This is also our way of supporting young and promising music artists who wish to contribute their God-given talents to the beat and rhythm of the new evangelization,” added Fr. Billena.

2. You can support the Carmelite Missionary works through every purchase of Faith: Like & Share.

Fr. Gilbert S. Billena on the Faith: Like & Share album sleeve

“Mercy & Compassion” is the carrier single of the album and it was inspired by the residents of Bantayan Island who were affected by typhoon Yolanda.

“When we went to Mambacayaw Daku Island in Bantayan for relief operations and rehabilitation efforts, I was touched by the sacrifice that the children had to go through, especially in going to school to another island. Education was really a very big problem in the area and extreme poverty was prevalent, and for them to go through Yolanda, it was very tragic,” Fr. Billena bemoaned.

The song will be featured during Pope Francis’ Apostolic Visit to the Philippines because they embody the virtues to maintain the dignity of victims after natural or man-made calamities.

The lyrics of the song goes: “God calls us to be merciful and compassionate; He calls us to open our hearts to those who seek. God is calling us all over, to lay our lives to others… Calls us to save His people from raging storms.”

3. Faith: Like & Share showcases Filipino talent at its finest.

Laarni Lozada on the Faith: Like & Share album sleeve

Faith: Like & Share Back Album Cover

Fr. Billena, parish priest of San Isidro Parish (Bagong Silangan, Quezon City) and a crucial member of the Provincial Council of the Order, wrote the songs.

John Caldeliña, member of the Davao-based band called Skeights, is the musical composer and arranger.

He is also a finalist of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2.

John Caldeliña on the Faith: Like & Share album sleeve

The songs were sung by the following people:

  • Romel Billena – band artist hailing from Camiguin
  • Fr. Raul Caga SVD – an awardee of the 34th Catholic Mass Media Awards
  • Laarni Lozada – grand champion of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2
  • Rocky Rosabal – The Voice of McDonalds first runner up (Orlando, Florida)

I recorded some snippets so that you will have an idea how awesome the songs are.

The songs are wonderful, aren’t they?

To support the ministry of the Carmelites, you can purchase the albums at any Catholic Trade branch at Php 250 – 300.

All proceeds will support the Carmelite parish mission, youth mission, Papua New Guinea mission, and aid for disaster victims.

So, what can you say about Faith: Like & Share?

Let’s exchange ideas and thoughts.

Hit the comment section below!


12 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Support The First Album Of The Order Of The Carmelites: “Faith: Like & Share”

  1. I enjoy their worship song very uplifting, hope they succeed on their ministry goal.


  2. They all sound beautiful, such golden voices!


  3. I have a diifernet belief, but I love seeing young people using their musical talent pasa sa Panginoon.


  4. There song is meaningful and touch your heart and soul either way.


  5. they created such a beautiful lyrics and music


  6. The titles of the songs are really nice. I hope a lot of people will support this album to help budding artists and to help fund some of the projects of the Order of the Carmelites.


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