The Bryan Mills Saga Continues: Liam Neeson To Star Once Again In Taken 4?

Apparently, movie trilogies aren’t enough to satisfy the public anymore.

Take for instance The Lord Of The Rings.

The trilogy paved way for a prequel, The Hobbit.

Is it the same with the Taken franchise?

A “so-called” fourth installment has recently been released.

Just like previous movies, the “so-called” Taken 4 movie is full of action.

And to my surprise, Liam Neeson has a new co-star.


He still has a particular set of skills and he is very specific about them!

Here’s the awesome trailer of the “so-called” movie!

What can you say about the trailer?

Share your thoughts on the comment section below and share this blog to your family and friends!


29 thoughts on “The Bryan Mills Saga Continues: Liam Neeson To Star Once Again In Taken 4?

  1. I kinda feel sad each time a trilogy “ends”. I had this feeling after LOTR and Twilight. Soon with Hunger Games and Divergent, lol. Parang ang bitin kase. I loved all Taken movies and I’m excited to see the fourth installment. It may be a little difficult to outdo the first three, but then again, Fast & the Furious did pretty okay with all the Fast & the Furious films.


  2. Liam Neeson is a really great actor and it’s nice he is reprising his role in Taken.


  3. Wow, I think I’m missing a lot. I haven’t watch any movies in the last 2 years because of my travels and toxic schedule.


  4. I mean watching in a movie house…


  5. I was not a movie fan so much but it looks like this is a great movie to watch.


  6. I really love Taken, it’s one movie I won’t get tired of watching.


  7. I love Liam Neeson but I haven’t seen Taken 3 yet. LOL! on Taken 4!


  8. I like Liam Neeson and I wouldn’t mind watching this one.


  9. Liam becomes a more versatile actor as he aged. Taken3 napanood ko na and I find the sequel BITIN. Hoping this Taken 4 would be much better in terms of action.


  10. I stopped watching Taken after the second part. I just don’t feel the series anymore. I guess only HP maintained my level of curiosity.


  11. I watch Taken 1 and really a good and suspense movie.


  12. Woah! Thought there is not Taken 4 now? Really love the series! Though I keep on ‘shouting’ almost all of the time ahahha


  13. I have yet to watch the first Taken movie. Hehehe.


  14. I love Taken! Looking forward to the Part 4.


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