The 3 Reasons Why The Detox Bar Can Help Us Become The Healthiest Version Of Ourselves!

Health is wealth!

Do you agree with the maxim?

I do!

I agree with it because having a healthy mind and body helps us to reach our maximum potential and ultimately achieve our life goals.

Being healthy is one thing but staying healthy is another thing.

It is easier said than done.


Because we are surrounded with all kinds of unhealthy food!

There are fast food restaurant chains in every corner of the city.

Supermarkets are full of products that are filled with preservatives and colorants.

And don’t get me started with lechon and humba!

Cebu lechon

Photo courtesy of Lori Baltazar

These Filipino dishes are just screaming “unhealthy fat” right in front of our faces!

We all know how to stay healthy.

Eating the right kind of food, doing exercise, and having a positive mental attitude are just some of the ways to keep ourselves fit.

But I’ve been looking for something else for the past 2 years.

I’ve been looking for a restaurant or bar that serves raw vegan or vegetarian meal.

A few weeks ago, my prayers were answered.

Boy oh boy!

I was psyched when The Detox Bar finally opened!

It is very first bar of its kind in Cebu.

As to why it can help us become the best version of ourselves, I have 3 reasons for that.

1. The Detox Bar Detox Package With Meals

If you think vegetarian meals are boring, you are very wrong!

It’s just as yummy as any regular meal, but a lot healthier!

The Detox Package With Meals is a great way to help you kick-start a healthy food intake.

The package is good for 3 days and it includes:

  • daily supply of 6 meals (3 vegan meals and 3 detox juices)
  • 1 jar of Fat Flush Drink
  • 1 bottle of VCO for oil pulling
  • supplements: potassium, CoQ10, probiotics colon cleanse

2. The Detox Bar Pure Juicing

If there is something I love best about the vegan way of eating, it’s the juices!

My personal favorite is Sunkist orange juice combine with strawberry!

No sugar.

No milk.

Just the two fruits!

It tastes and feels like heaven on every sip.

That’s just a combination I make at home.

Chia Fresca of The Detox Bar of Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center in Paseo Arcenas

I can’t wait to try out Chia Fresca!

The Pure Juicing package of The Detox Bar is also good for 3 days and it includes:

  • daily supply of 6 detox juices
  • 1 jar of Fat Flush Drink
  • 1 bottle of VCO for oil pulling
  • supplements: potassium, CoQ10, probiotics colon cleanse

3. The Detox Bar Wellness Coaching

When you decide to start eating healthy, one does not simply jump into the bandwagon without research or study.

If you are a smoker or an alcoholic, would you consider stopping smoking or drinking the very next day?

You’ll be cold turkey for sure!

The same is true when you want to become a vegetarian or vegan.

This is where the importance of wellness coaching comes in.

The two packages do include wellness coaching, which for me, is a very important aspect of the detox program.

How To Avail The Detox Bar Detox Packages

  • Visit The Detox Bar at Studio108, which is located at the 2nd floor of Paseo Arcenas in Banawa, Cebu City.
  • You can contact them at following numbers: (032) 511-3642,  (032) 4088, 0943-818-7783
  • You can send them a personal or direct message on their Facebook page and Instagram account.
How Much Are The Detox Bar Detox Packages?

The Detox Package with meals is Php 5,500.oo while The Detox Package pure juicing is Php 3,600.00

Rates are subject to change without prior consent so make sure you contact them before you make the commitment.

By the way, when The Detox Bar was inaugurated, Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center was also relaunched.

Vegetarian dinner was served.

If I had a tail like that of a dog, it would have been waggling around happily the entire night.




Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center is a fitness and wellness center that offers the following services:

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Cardio Yoga
  • Yoga For Flexibility
  • Yoga With Weights
  • Suspension Yoga
  • Aikido
  • Tai Chi
  • Belly Dancing
  • Dance Class
  • Hula Hoop
  • Total Body Workout

Just like The Detox Bar packages, rates are also subject to change without prior consent.

After the vegetarian dinner, Flow Arts Cebu gave an awesome showcase of their skills.

It sure does feel great when you are healthy, right?

Want to make the right move and go to the path of wellness?

Make the DECISION and start as soon as possible!

And make The Detox Bar your partner to a healthy life too!


46 thoughts on “The 3 Reasons Why The Detox Bar Can Help Us Become The Healthiest Version Of Ourselves!

  1. I cannot wait to buy and try it out. Need it badly for my health regimen.


  2. I’ve never heard of the Detox Bar Brand but I say all things in moderation ” fatty” foods have their purposes so do natural/organic foods


  3. Good for you but you cannot get everything you need in just a bottle of juice. Better consider the Bioavailability, Completeness and potent.


  4. I couldn’t believe you have all these for health and wellness. I’d love to try the two fruit in a juice! And well the detox bar seems amazing. hmmm, where could a possible buyer go?


  5. Wow! Seems like a nice package. However, I feel it’s quite expensive to shell out that amount for detoxification. I can make my own detox diet without having to spend that.


    • Some people don’t have the time to prepare such meals so I guess this is a great alternative. Yes, we can also make our own detox diet but make sure you have consulted a dietitian or expert before actually doing it. ^_^


  6. A very interesting package to have. Sis, honestly the Detox Package with meals is quite expensive.


  7. Expensive. Can we order ala carte just to try the dishes? I am not vegan but I am open to the idea of eating healthy. -katrina centeno


  8. Not all can afford to buy a detox juices to be healthy but there are cheaper ways to be healthy and stay healthy. Never tried detox juice but hopefully I can try and let see if I can make my own 🙂


  9. There are many of these diet food services here in Manila as well. But as usual the problem is the price, and also how long you are supposed to keep ordering from them. – Fred


  10. This is a very informative post. I haven’t tried a detox diet myself, but I always ensure to eat well and healthy and it works for me for all these years. I guess it all boils down to discipline 🙂


  11. Never heard of Detox Bar but we have several similar companies over in the UK – the food looks lovely and finding a diet you actually enjoy is half the battle to becoming healthier! Sim @


  12. What Fatemah Say's

    Great Post! The detox bars look amazing and I want to try the juices that you posted.


  13. Although eating out in fancy restraunts is fun it can leave you feeling guilty about all the tasty but heavy food…Detox cafe is the answer!!


  14. This is a great way to get healthier! I’ve never tried anything like it but I would love to try it!


  15. I agree health is wealth. Detox bar really helps especially we have a lot of unhealthy foods in our country.


  16. expensive… you can do juicing at yuour own home. cheaper. you just have to investon your juicer, but its worth it


  17. The world’s going towards healthier lifestyle together! I love how this is becoming a global trend, everyone doing juicing plus doing yoga to relax and detox the body, mind and soul!


  18. I think it’s a good idea to detox now and again. There are many healthy ways to do it, including using natural foods.


  19. i’m so curios of that place…I’ll be visiting soon. I love fruits, so I have no problems with juices,…i just don’t know about the taste of their dishes…:)


  20. Awesome! I hope that my country will have Detox Bar as well. The package prices are reasonable too for that kind of quality products.


  21. Looks like The Detox Bar provides not only healthy food but also delicious ones!


  22. LOL, I guess the beginning of the year is the best time to try and start over with your health. The Detox Bar sounds interesting. Seems very trendy to detox right now..


  23. You can lose weight the natural way by incorporating fiber in your diet. Detox definitely does that — without starving yourself


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