Let’s Do It Philippines To Rock The World With #iam5million Movement

Life is simple.

Give a little love and a lot comes back to you.

Throw a little garbage here, Mother Nature throws back the biggest fury you’ll ever know.

I ain’t kidding folks and I think you know that very well.

Just in case you have forgotten what Mother Nature is capable of doing, just remember one word; Yolanda.

We can all point fingers and blame someone.

In fact, after pointing our fingers to somebody else, we can all point it out back to ourselves.


I believe that humanity has been the major catalyst of climate change.

Instead of acting as stewards of God’s creations, humanity has brought destruction more than ever.

No wonder floods and typhoons have become deadlier.

With this in mind, is there something that humanity can do to stop his destructive ways?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Humanity can give an act of love and golden deed, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Just imagine if every single person in your barangay would stop throwing garbage irresponsibly.

I bet the garbage that will be sent to the landfill will drastically decrease!

That’s where the advocacy of Let’s Do It Philippines would come in.

What is Let’s Do It Philippines?

LDI is a movement started by concerned citizens of Estonia back in 2008.

Their aim is to clean the world from solid waste that are illegally dumped.

The very first cleanup drive gathered 50,000 volunteers.

They were able to clean their country in just 5 hours.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Today, the advocacy has spread worldwide.

From a single country, the advocacy is now present in 112 countries, including the Philippines.

And guess what?

Let’s Do It Philippines has something very big in store for us this year.

Let’s Do It Philippines Organizes The Next Big Thing

On September 20, 2015, Let’s Do It Philippines aims to gather 5 million people from all over the country for a massive cleanup drive.

It’s a big goal and it can be done.

Deep in my heart, I believe that it will be successful.

How can #iam5million be made possible?

Let’s Do It Philippines Organized A Leadership And Training Seminar For Volunteers

LDI has determined that in order for their goal to succeed, they must train leaders in every region.

After training, the leaders are expected to make new leaders.

They can make all necessary actions to gather as many volunteers as possible.

Last January 9, 2015, volunteers from various parts of the Philippines were brought together at Terra Manna Beach And Camping Resort for a 3-Day Leadership Training and Seminar.

The training and seminar was organized with one thing in mind; to equip the leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude for #iam5million and beyond.

Speakers were invited to share their expertise to the volunteers.

Roger Caldwell shared the humble beginnings of LDI and what he knew about solid waste management.

John Rey taught the participants on how to use Trello or Slack for communicating between other volunteers.


For the core volunteers of Let’s Do It Philippines, Slack is like Facebook chat on steroids.

I understood why they called it such.

Upon using Slack for the first time, it was like experiencing mIRC all over again, but it was more fun!

Enrique San Juan shared his knowledge about media or public relations and how important it is in promoting the advocacy.


Alieth Bontuyan showed us how to use the Let’s Do It! World app.

The app is essential in mapping the exact location of the trash.

The map can be used to organize a local cleanup drive or a much bigger one.

Erick Vasquez of Mexico emphasized the importance of practicing what you preach before even asking other people to join LDI.


You may have joined a lot of cleanup drives but if you have not practiced the act of segregating your waste at home, what an irony!

At least that’s what Vasquez was trying to point out.

Ludwig Federigan, World Wildlife Fund vice president for business operations, explained how fundraising can be done, since it is the lifeblood of any advocacy.


The 3-day training and seminar will commence with a cleanup drive in Kawasan Falls and Lambug Beach.

The participants would then head back to their communities and spread the cause.

What can you say about the #iam5million movement?

Does it excite you?

Help us spread this advocacy in your own little way.

You can help through social media by using the hashtag #LetsDoItPH and #100trashwarriors every time you post something related to the LDI advocacy.

If you want to empower your community but don’t know how, just contact the volunteer leaders in your region.

I’ll be posting the details very soon.

Help us make #iam5million happen.

YOU are a big part of this and this movement will not succeed without your help.

Share your thoughts on the comment section below and let me hear what you have in mind.



48 thoughts on “Let’s Do It Philippines To Rock The World With #iam5million Movement

  1. This is a very nice campaign! I teach and practice proper waste disposal in our household. Even my little girl knows why it is important to take care of our environment


  2. Wow! What an advocacy! I believe that mother nature has its way of showing her payback. And i hope we can take actions in our own little ways before it’s even too late.


  3. I agree, whatever you give to others will certainly comes back to you!


  4. This is a very nice advocacy that I would really like to participate in. I will be waiting for your further information about the region leaders so I could check who to contact here in General Trias Cavite. I’d love to help even through advocating through social media and all that πŸ™‚


    • Hi Louise! I am already coordinating with Let’s Do It Cebu so that we can find the contact person there in Gen. Trias Cavite. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get a reply from them. Thank you so much! 😊😊😊


    • Theresa Ursal

      Hello, Ms. Louise and Channel, Theresa here. Channel, I was one of the volunteer in the Trash Warrior Boot Camp.

      I am the coordinator for Region 4A and that includes Cavite.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 0905-293-0919. Or send an email at theresa.ursal@gmail.com.
      I would be glad to welcome you to the team!


  5. It would be really impressive if we can gather up 5 million in a nationwide cleanup. We have that power in gathering people so I think this could work.


  6. This is a great campaign to support.


  7. This is an inspirational campaign and hope that many volunteers will join.


  8. This is a great campaign. There’s only so much that the mother nature can give us, and one day she’ll be running out of resources and that’s where disaster strike.


  9. Attending the 3-day training and seminar will be an extraordinary event with a noble ultimate objective, so if I were there, I would gladly go for it!


  10. It’s great to know.. that someone from here is having a life advocacy.. keep it up.. I support you all the way!


  11. What an amazing cause. It really all starts from ourselves and this is what the campaign is all about spreading the cause. Thank you for inspiring


  12. Now, that’s something I am willing to join! Love the cause! πŸ™‚ Let’s do it, Philippines!


  13. I’m looking forward to see the details on how we can volunteer.



    • Hi Otakore! Thank you so much for your interest to help. I will give you the details soon. We are currently coordinating with authorities and groups to make the campaign for a clean Philippines possible.


  14. What they did in Estonia back then was amazing. Hopefully this campaign will be a success. πŸ™‚


  15. your advocacy is really WOW!! pls continue your advocacy and I hope a lot will join too πŸ™‚


  16. That’s so cool! I’d love to be a part of this movement πŸ™‚ #iam5million


  17. great cause! I think the bottom line is giving/contributing what we can do no matter how small it maybe.Kudos!!!


  18. Nice Work! Why not #LetsDoItEverydayPH ?


  19. This is a great campaign and I am sure this will succeed.


  20. Thanks for sharing this. I always wish people in Philippines would know how to not throw trash everywhere and on how to dispose waste properly. This is a very cool idea. I would like to get involve when I’m there- Kim: http://www.kimkaylan.com


  21. I want to be part of this gathering this coming September, I want to volunteer in LDI Philippines.


  22. Why wait for September to do the massive clean up drive? I guess our local government or even our barangays should make a head-start already. -edel


    • LDI Philippines is already doing mini cleanup drives in many areas in the Philippines Viva. The one during September is quite a challenging task so it is scheduled on a later date. Not too many Filipinos are keen on joining cleanup drives so revving up 5 million people to clean the Philippines at the same time needs help from influential bloggers like you. ^_^


    • Theresa Ursal

      Hello, Edel. Thesa here, a volunteer and regional coordinator of LDI for region 4A. As Channel has mentioned, there are already cleanups initiated by the Trash Warrior Leaders in different areas in the Philippines. i.e. Cebu, Quezon City, Bataan, etc. But these are on small localities only.

      The idea of activating 5 million volunteers in one day of cleaning up to target and liven up Filipino awareness that illegal solid waste dumping is a BIG problem that we, ourselves, have created and there is a solution that WE too can create. Calling for the 5% of our population is supposed to bring about a long-lasting, sustainable impact.

      We are also at the stage of gathering more volunteers to help us spread the information and to activate more leaders and volunteers who will initiate grassroots activities. πŸ™‚


  23. Nice campaign! We must learn to do our fair share in making sure we take care of mother nature


  24. Great idea! I hope this campaign will be successful. I will do my part to support this meaningful drive. πŸ˜‰ Let’s do it!


  25. Great advocacy! I sure hope the movement becomes really successful! I’m a self proclaimed warrior in my own little ways. πŸ™‚


  26. This is certainly a great campaign. I hope this news gets spread out to every Filipinos. πŸ™‚


  27. This is amazing! I’m really excited. I think 5 million people can only do so much.


  28. The world needs more of this. What a waste it would be if future generations could only see nature through pictures. We have to take care of mother nature otherwise she’d be gone before we know it. I am all for this campaign and what a coincidence too! It’ll be happening on my birthday! πŸ™‚


  29. Hopin’ this post will go a long way to spread about this relevant campaign. More power!


  30. Good campaign! Of course we are responsible for cleaning and restoring Mother Nature kay kita rasad ang nagguba og naghugaw hugaw. Lets make #iam5million movement a success!


  31. Really hope to join one of their activities in the future. Gian and I totally support their advocacy.


  32. This is such an empowering campaign Chanel!


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