SM Seaside City Cebu Reminds Me of Cybertron and the Death Star from Star Wars

As I was surfing through my Facebook wall, lo and behold!

A wonderful peek of the SM Seaside City Cebu was shared by the Facebook page of The Queen City of the South.

The photograph is owned by Gibby Lapinid.

SM Seaside City Cebu

Courtesy of The Queen City of the South Facebook page

It reminds me of two things.

One, it looks like Cybertron.

Two, it looks like the Death Star in Star Wars.

Honestly, I find it very cool!

I can’t wait for the construction to finish.

Cybertron, I mean SM Seaside City Cebu, is expected to open to the public next year. (Yey!)

It is a circular-shaped edifice which will feature the following:

  • SM Hypermart
  • SM Department Store
  • IMAX Theater
  • Cineplex of 5 theaters
  • SM Bowling and Amusement Center (18 lanes! Hehehehe!)
  • Food court
  • Ice skating rink (Yey!)

According to the Facebook page, the building will play host to more than 2,000 international and local retail shops.

The outer arc will feature the retail shops, furniture zone and fashion boulevard.

Isn’t it awesome?

What do you think of SM Seaside City Cebu?



23 thoughts on “SM Seaside City Cebu Reminds Me of Cybertron and the Death Star from Star Wars

  1. What an exciting place!! It looks like it is going to be a great place!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, so structures are now getting more futuristic than ever. Wonder how it would feel to be shopping there.


  3. That is so funny. It totally looks like that place. Wow!


  4. Neat! I would love to shop there!


  5. Another gigantic SM store! We might as well be re-named “The Republic of SM” hahaha. Nice location though. I hope it does not get damaged during storms, being so close to the sea.


  6. Ang ganda ng concept and design ng structure.. So futuristic. Sana isama na rin nila si Luke Skywalker sa building.


  7. Hahaha I’m so glad that you said it looks like the Death Star because that is exactly what I thought it looked like. Could you imagine a hipster Luke Skywalker walking around it? lol


  8. Lol! It really does! I wonder who designed it.


  9. this looks very cool! like marina bay sands in singapore! another attraction in this place


  10. It does look like the Death Star! That’s awesome!


  11. It looks like something out of this world! I’m sure it will be very nice and entertaining!


  12. What?! Never heard of this where is it located? I’m in Maryland and wow wow I wanna visit this place


  13. It really does look like Cybertron, doesn’t it?


  14. At least SM doesn’t stop in sales. I hope they build more architecturally and culturally valuable malls in the future


  15. Michelle Hwee

    Hmm how interesting! Definitely does look very similar! haha 🙂 Thanks for sharing the discovery!!


  16. I would love to go.


  17. One should make a trip just to see this. Fantastic.


  18. I have to agree with you; it does look very funky


  19. That is one crazy architectural design, but so cool. It definitely has the Star Wars look!


  20. I would love to visit when it opens…it’s going to be huge!


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