Frozen’s Story: And the summer never bothered me anyway….

The supermoms, Joann, Angel, Lea & Malou from Davao City got the idea for their Halo-Halo Snack Bar after endless days of eating out.

They even have a name for it, MOMCON as “mommy’s convention”.

The supermoms, retraces the steps they took to turn an ordinary halo-halo concept into a unique culinary crowd puller.

It’s like them getting together again in Cebu, is destined to happen, since little they did know, that someday, they will be pulling off this great idea and making Frozen Snack Bar a reality.

Each one of them came from a different industry background.

Joann, Angel, and Malou are second courser nurses.

Lea on the other hand is from banking and finance.

They do have one thing in common, that is they all wanted to do something of their own.

Each one of these supermoms has contributed to the success of Frozen making it a reality.

But the general business advice came from Angel who already has her own native chicken restaurant in Davao City.

Who better to get advice from, but from people who are already in the food industry.

These supermoms, are not leaving everything to chance when it comes to running Frozen, they did their homework and took charge of the set up.

Angel is responsible for the overall operations, Joann for the menu book and media related kits, Malou and Lea shared some of their hot kitchen recipes.

The day to day operation was given to Lea as well.

Frozen Snack Bar

Let’s talk about FROZEN’s “you will be coming back for more menu”.

Their Halo-Halo specialty does not stop from just bringing you a plain old Halo-Halo in a cup, it also comes on a plate.

Try their Halo-Halo ice cream cake, and for choco lovers, they have the Chocolate Decadence, and a must try Vanilla Fudge.

These ice cream cakes are to die for. But wait I am not done yet. Get your fill of mouthwatering frozen treats that go beyond ice cream cravings.

Your palate will love their frozen whoppers and delights.

What makes them stand out is the milky and finely shaved ice loaded with a lot of creamy delights.

They have a variety of summer coolin’ refreshments that would keep each one of you coming back for more, and since you’re at it, you might as well try their mouthwatering light meals and snacks.

You will definitely get Food Value for your money, guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for, go and visit FROZEN at Century Plaza Hotel Complex, J. Osmena Street. Happy Eating Everyone!

Written By Vynette Veluz-Batuigas for FROZEN

Press Release courtesy of Frozen Snack Bar.



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